Bas Quaits (What Would SAMO Do?)

#selfwork is #selfcare

Build your tribe. A solid support system is an integral part of living a good life. But there are some things you can only do for you. Everyone needs time alone for self… Continue reading

No Dirt

Never had to do no dirt. Most don’t. I knew a few that chose to work. That’s a past tense reference. Communicated, afterlife stepped in. Ain’t pourin out liquor, like god gone bless… Continue reading

Lil Young Conscious – Bear Arms

I recorded this a few years ago. It’s uncanny how so relevant this is today, even more so than the day I wrote the verse. Social commentary to be decoded. There’s a lot… Continue reading

Unopened Letter

untitled RANT


Lds & Gntlmn

Flowers For The Living, Arrive in Australia!!!

The overseas orders you worry about the most. Thank goodness for the internet. Not only do you get the confirmation, you get the visual soon as the merch touches down. Big shout to… Continue reading

untitled rhyme 11-30-15

my life is an open book, searchin the book of life for metaphors, describing the beauty of being poor bein silent from being silenced, being ignored. for some seein the violence is seein… Continue reading

Manifest It

Where do I begin this time? Where’s my mind as I pen this rhyme? What’s tomorrow gonna bring, sunshine? Will I rap? Will I sing, one time? It’s hard in these streets for… Continue reading

silent tears

Salty silent tears fall from swollen eyes of big brother because he can’t hug little sister due to misters, don’t tell anyone our little secret, secret grown hands, touch innocence now lost and… Continue reading

Tell Your Story. #iunmask