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keepin’ it, simple…

Spoke to a friend last night about simplicity. The work I do now will be just that. Simple. As I journey toward the newer larger work I will continue to examine simplistic creation.… Read More

a letter to u

Mon-tag – Simply prod. by Magnavok7 (Official Video)

Mon-tag – Simply prod. by Magnavok7 (Official Video) Video rendering of Mon-tag’s live performance in 2009 at La Mama Theatre, NYC mashed up with studio scratch recording of song Simply produced by Magnavok7… Read More

It’s new. Nope, actually it’s just new to you.

Was up early when it hit me to take all the material I currently have up online and make sure to spread each piece to as many places as I can possibly spread… Read More

I have a very important message, just for you…

This weekend is set to be a beautiful one in NYC. Regardless though of where you are today, make sure you laugh and smile. Take deep breaths. Walk with purpose. Savor every morsel… Read More


They say, “Conscious when are you gonna release a project? Why don’t you do this, do that?” I say… “Leave me alone. ” October 1st I’m releasing something interesting. Probably not so comfortable… Read More

Do I threaten you?

It is my challenge to navigate this percieved reality as a ‘black’ man daily, for it is assumed I am a threat to ‘all’ of the people who I encounter. For me it… Read More

5 Instagram photos I dig

I showed up to the Instagram party way late. As a photographer I had certain feelings for awhile about the whole camera phone revolution. I got over it. I didn’t wanna be like… Read More

Trap Shut

I worked on an album called TRAP for a number of years. I had plans of completing it but some time last year I decided I would not. Life said scrap it. This… Read More

Mon-tag has arrived… Whew, the worst is over.

I want to thank everyone who came out to see Mon-tag last night. It was more than interesting. There was so much going on. I needed to break the ice so that I… Read More

RapReviews Feature: iAreConscious Discusses Mon-tag

Last week I did an interview with discussing my character Mon-tag and my first show in three years tomorrow at Bowery Electric. The following is an excerpt from the feature, you can… Read More