A close friend of mine started going to therapy on Tuesday’s a few years back. While I don’t attend conventional therapy I picked up the practice of using Tuesday as a day I do my own brand of therapy, namely various #selfwork practices and minimal if anytime online. Just so happens I have an event tonight to prepare for, so that changes my routine. Still I’ll take it slow, handle what I need to and continue #TherapyTuesday slightly modified.

If you don’t already have a day slated for ‘you’ time and aren’t in any manner of conventional therapy I invite you to consider circling a day on your calendar for you to decompress, reboot, be introspective. However you choose describe it. If you can’t mark a day every week at least attempt for two within a month. Make a contract with yourself that you will not break and go deeper than a simple spa day. Work on the inner and outer. Appreciate the life form that you are and grow your relationship with you.

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