Simple Sketch. Great Reveal.

Today for the first time I really looked at a piece and recognized what I was saying about me and my current experience. I’ve been working a lot this year on pieces and towards the fall I made a decision to create as a painter close to full time. In a process I’d describe as eluding the ego filter, I’m allowing the energy of the unknown to flow through me; directly into pieces. Mostly, there is no thought. In some cases a dance and something mathematical happening. It’s free flowing. Free of anxiety. I’m working on letting go and discovering the results of pure creation.

The sketch above is in colored pencil. I don’t sketch often. I don’t draw. I rarely illustrate. This was a challenge that epitomizes me letting go and allowing. Upon exploring the work I could see it depicts me standing tallish and stretching out while navigating troubled beings. Beings I once held similar position with. I now face the challenge of being surrounded by many who hold my former mentality, in a world to them that resembles how I once felt.

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The Price of SHAME

All I can say is like magic this piece came to me in the wee hours. Sweet simplicity but layered. Oh so layered. This time around I’ve created a piece for the viewer to fully interpret, no assistance from me. Unlock the meaning of this collage. Perhaps it’s not so deep. On the other hand, it may be. It all depends on what you see.

Framed print available in 8X10, 12X16, 16X20, 18X24 & 24X26 here.

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