As an artist, what is self-care to me?

Saw a question this morning on Facebook and here’s how I answered it.

“Self-care is a lifestyle. Has to be taken beyond this idea of simply carving out a special time for spa day or indulging in a special treat. So for me that means purposefully living and living with purpose. Choosing a path to all that serves my spirit. Choosing language about my life that affirms what I desire to manifest. Creating from my higher self. Being present and grateful. Leading with love.”

The image… idk. I needed to added one. πŸ™‚

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Day 13 of cleanse. I’m glad that I am.


Day 13 of a cleanse. I’m glad that I am.

A spirit in a body still learning how to manipulate all of its switches. I reflect on memories of a past me. Ignorant. Somewhat malleable. Fearful of things as only I could be, based on what I was taught. Not having the slightest control over my ego or emotions. The pair that rule your physical body. The two that anchor you into beliefs that limit the possibility of you seeing beyond the one lens you came packaged with.

Awareness comes as you begin to question the reality you fell into when you entered this place. At some point you may come into a knowing. A knowing, that you can shift that reality. It’s a hard fight though. The way the mind works. Everything you consume through your senses is data. It becomes you. You become it. Without a filter or ability to sort and shift these things into proper position; you’re lost.

Life is a journey, to find you.

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