Pocket watches watched us.
The whole world clocked us.

Like sprinters in winter, we runnin’ outta breath.
What’s left when your dignity is washed down the faucet?
Eventually the bought us. Brought us to, the faded end of the margin.
Us words they treated we like Martians.
A fueled rebellion.
William tell them the answer to the riddle.
Silence in the thinking chamber.
Astral plane, seemingly insane, but there is no danger.
I disappeared for a moment in plain sight.
Mental mechanic playing games with life.
Device unmeasured.
Adulterous pleasures.
There are no levers to vote with; hands cut off.
The ones you used to use to praise the Most with.
The ones you used to toast with if you even had an occasion to do so.
Eyes wide, like a child’s open upon seeing a new snow.
A new revolt came like a jolt in the rain.
And Ben’s kite. Well, it never was electrocuted.

Executed wordplay, Zombie Day we all stand in attention by the grave of us.
Be modern days slaves til we awake and break up out this maze.
Today’s the day. Today’s the bloody day!

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forget it, no matter

under bus been thrown
by best of friend

but… no scars

rejected possibility
travel with
baggage, beneath the charter

destination met.
new, wardrobe in order

i left issues behind
to dry on line
shrivel up in sun
and crumble, to dust

blowing in wind
meeting rain

water droplets
puddle then
wash the past

as they say
it’s all
water… under a structure built to span a valley, road, body of water, or other physical obstacle, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.

gracious wiki

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a poem named ‘dis-comfort’…

things were fuzzy…

a bit floaty,

she asked a ?

i fell ten notches…

i sorta answered.
– silence

…climbed back up 5

getting warm again,
till she interrupted…


dropped down 7even
heaven out of sight
clouds raining up

a broken conversation…

porcelain cracked,
destroyed the good china

now we eat off of paper plates

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