Self Work Is A Daily Effort.

At a stage in this inner work where a tremendous amount of stuff resurfaces to purge. It’s like getting the last bits of sand out of your toes. Processing that misery is ugh.

Doing a lot of internal work so I can be fresh and get back to public speaking and ready myself for this 45 year reset.

Ultimately, I will write about the last 12 months+ of life.

I’ve seen so much and I’ve only just begun.

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And the magick begins, again.

An incredible year. One where I experienced mostly heaven and fluctuations of hell. Many things in the grey to pay attention to for those things you ignore will only revisit you until they do not. Theme of the year, pay attention. Recognize your patterns that keep you from graduating to the next level in your life. Be willing to face to the challenges for it is within them your next level of being arrives. You will not access all that is accessible to you if you aren’t capable of facing your past and all of the business you do not want to unearth. It doesn’t have to be all hell either. What’s in your tool belt for the job?

– C. The Magickian

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Steve Lacy, definitely not an industry plant. You just don’t know shit.

Some woman tweeted Steve Lacy was an industry plant. That he came out of nowhere.

No, you just weren’t aware.

Reminds me of so many things I do that people aren’t aware of like running a radio station for ten years. (And I’m not famous of course)

When people you know don’t know you, sometimes it’s not worth knowing them.

It’s not even about being upset. It’s a waste of time. Just keep it moving.

Also, be a person that knows things about the people you call friends.

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I’m back…

I mean in a much broader way than making this post on the blog.

I’m back feeling like myself and feeling like the magician that I AM. Grateful for this year I’ve deemed the Summer of Shadow Work which truly began in the last quarter of 2021.

What’s new?

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Why Aren’t I Writing?

I could say yesterday I slit the side of the tip of the middle finger on my right hand and it’s difficult.  Obviously it is possible. I’ve typed what you’re reading up to this point, so what other excuses do I have? None. I just haven’t thought enough about writing to actually do it or thought to actually make a move on the keyboard in vehement fashion.  The truth of the matter is there are a plethora of things I’m passionate about it. Perhaps I need more passion about being passionate. As of late though I have been very creative. I’ve been reminding myself to create regularly because alas that is why I am here. So I shall do the same with writing. Basically create the new habit. (How do I now trigger it?!) I do not like to ‘waste’ time. Writing into the void and noise of the internet can feel a futile act. Still, I know better. Even if the exercise is just for me, putting a vibe out matters in the larger scheme . Fini.


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