Spirits In Bodies from FOOL. Video

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In unkempt fashion once again I present to you an audio collage of journaling in time release format. Thoughts, ideas and abstract concepts streaming more of subconscious than consciousness. FOOL. is an ongoing project of mixed media. Songs, humor sketches, poems, video and fill in the ______. Once you’ve opted in for said experience by clicking download and entering your email address, you will be updated whenever new material is added to this open ended project. Oh yes, this is definitely gonna be uncomfortable and feel good at the same time. A leap into another process of pure art delivery. #FOOLSareSMART #unkemptsummer.

This project is absolutely free, aside for your email of course. But if you’d like to give me a tip to contribute to more art creation at a quality level, please feel free to drop some coin.


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Proof That Women & Men Can Be Friends.

I guess you’d call this a testimonial. When I watched this I teared up. I’m grateful for the magical friendship we’ve cultivated. We some light beings for sure. And everyone that knows us, knows it. No smoke is being blown. I really don’t know what else to say. I’ve never had anyone share a statement as such with me meant for public consumption. There really aren’t any words Dani A Moseley. Hopefully through our story we can be a beacon for better relations between people. Love is the answer.

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