Gratitude Works.

When I was a kid if you gave me a pair of socks I was thrilled and appreciated it. Some may even remarked I was overly appreciative. I don’t believe that’s even possible. Gratitude has always been major in my life. No one specifically taught me to be grateful in that way. Only through life experience did I come to fully overstand the significance of gratitude in the life equation. A big part of manifestation is channeled through the feeling that comes with gratitude. A raise in vibration makes you more magnetic for attraction. I know that when I’m grateful, I am thinking about great things and visualizing abundance. A shift of focus from the default for many of us. Thoughts of lack and everything being terrible. That’s false. Things can be terrible in many cases for some people, but everything is not. We must be mindful of what we focus on. To go to sleep with thoughts of gratitude and to wake up with the thought of I’m grateful for this day I’m going to embark on, are essential if you indeed plan on crafting a life full of what you want. But before you go fabricating this master of list of requests to the Universe, God, Source or whatever you choose to call it, be sure you recount all that you have in the present moment to be grateful for. Be present and acknowledge what that feels like. Examine how it changes your mood. It’s a great tool. Use it often. Master it.



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As an artist, what is self-care to me?

Saw a question this morning on Facebook and here’s how I answered it.

“Self-care is a lifestyle. Has to be taken beyond this idea of simply carving out a special time for spa day or indulging in a special treat. So for me that means purposefully living and living with purpose. Choosing a path to all that serves my spirit. Choosing language about my life that affirms what I desire to manifest. Creating from my higher self. Being present and grateful. Leading with love.”

The image… idk. I needed to added one. 🙂


Download MyClearBook Package for $7.77. It includes three ebooks and two audio pieces.

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The Price of SHAME

All I can say is like magic this piece came to me in the wee hours. Sweet simplicity but layered. Oh so layered. This time around I’ve created a piece for the viewer to fully interpret, no assistance from me. Unlock the meaning of this collage. Perhaps it’s not so deep. On the other hand, it may be. It all depends on what you see.

Framed print available in 8X10, 12X16, 16X20, 18X24 & 24X26 here.

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Spirits In Bodies from FOOL. Video

Spirits In Bodies from #FOOL. SHARE this video whether you like it or not. LIKE this video even if you don’t. Leave a comment. #FOOLSareSMART

Download FOOL.

In unkempt fashion once again I present to you an audio collage of journaling in time release format. Thoughts, ideas and abstract concepts streaming more of subconscious than consciousness. FOOL. is an ongoing project of mixed media. Songs, humor sketches, poems, video and fill in the ______. Once you’ve opted in for said experience by clicking download and entering your email address, you will be updated whenever new material is added to this open ended project. Oh yes, this is definitely gonna be uncomfortable and feel good at the same time. A leap into another process of pure art delivery. #FOOLSareSMART #unkemptsummer.

This project is absolutely free, aside for your email of course. But if you’d like to give me a tip to contribute to more art creation at a quality level, please feel free to drop some coin.


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Enabling Your Intentions: A Simple Exercise

I briefly had a site up starting in 2007 called “Life’s Magic”. It’s funny looking back and seeing what my approach has been to become more aware and advance forward in this journey. I think about the reality that I’ve created for myself, through my words, thoughts and actions of the past. Looking at this post from my former site, nearly a decade ago, I see how much of these things have come to pass.

Originally Posted 26. Sep, 2007

If you’ve already been on your quest partaking in various studies and techniques involving manifestation and inner self development this will be a refresher exercise in intention. For those of you who haven’t, let me be the first to introduce you to a simple method of bringing what you want in life to the forefront so that you can better attain these desires. (My focus has never been on material riches, perhaps being independently sound and or financially secure so don’t expect anything of a get rich nature being spoken of).

Alright here’s the exercise. It’s incredibly simple. Take a moment. Grab a pen and a piece of paper or open up a notepad file. Now, write down what it is that you truly want for yourself, your family, friends or generally the world around you. Your intentions are powerful when they are pure and genuine. When doing this exercise, anchor the intentions you list by saying, ‘I choose’ or ‘I intend to’. You are setting a precise precedent for what you will ultimately create in this present moment. The following is an example of a list I recently made for myself that I sent to my companion. Oftentimes we need to remind ourselves what it is that we want and in order to regain focus, seeing these things right in front of us is helpful in getting us back on track.

  • I choose to walk the path of least resistance.
  • I choose to create peace and tranquility for myself and others.
  • I choose to lift my energy vibration to a constant level to continually create the things that I desire.
  • I choose to be motivated and motivate others regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.
  • I choose to be a beacon of strength for my companion.
  • I choose to be patient with those trying to make changes in their lives.
  • I choose to be aware.
  • I choose to share unconditional love and understanding with my companion.
  • I choose to be happy. I choose to be grateful.
  • I choose to be clear in mind and remove all clutter from thoughts.
  • I choose to be selfless and generous.
  • I choose to listen intently to those that need an ear.
  • I choose to magnify all that is progressive that I discover or I am informed about.
  • I choose to be an example to those in doubt of what power we have and can execute if we put our hearts into it.
  • I choose to follow my hearts desire no matter how foolish, strange or irrelevant others may think it is.
  • I choose to be an encouraging and motivational being in the life of the woman I love.
  • I choose to be a reminder of what can be and will be once we decide to focus and manifest what we want.
  • I choose to follow through with all endeavors that I started and complete all task that have some how come to a halt.
  • I choose to be one with the moment and acknowledge that greatness that we encounter daily but tend to overlook in our haste to be busy.
  • I choose to remove all traces of doubt, worry, anger and confusion realizing that these things only help to contribute to the slowing of my growth and potential to create momentous things in the present.
  • I choose to love everything that you are and strive to be.
  • I choose to be your provider of a constant source of love that you can pull from at any moment.

I hope that wasn’t too long. I really wanted to share something that has been very helpful to me with you.

Have fun with this exercise. Do not feel pressured to write the longest intention list ever written. No, the main purpose is to use this method to get you lined up and square with those things in life that you want to create for yourself. Not later or the next week. Right now. Once you realize your power and begin to exercise it, it will grow and become stronger. Like the fitness gurus would assure you before a focused and intensive fitness program, ‘You will see results!’.

Enjoy this exercise and share it with someone that you care about. Steel sharpens steel. Sharing anything that helps you will only serve to help others and create more power to affect change in your immediate life circle.

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Day 13 of cleanse. I’m glad that I am.


Day 13 of a cleanse. I’m glad that I am.

A spirit in a body still learning how to manipulate all of its switches. I reflect on memories of a past me. Ignorant. Somewhat malleable. Fearful of things as only I could be, based on what I was taught. Not having the slightest control over my ego or emotions. The pair that rule your physical body. The two that anchor you into beliefs that limit the possibility of you seeing beyond the one lens you came packaged with.

Awareness comes as you begin to question the reality you fell into when you entered this place. At some point you may come into a knowing. A knowing, that you can shift that reality. It’s a hard fight though. The way the mind works. Everything you consume through your senses is data. It becomes you. You become it. Without a filter or ability to sort and shift these things into proper position; you’re lost.

Life is a journey, to find you.

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i need a HER


This album art is the first in a series of shots presenting the HER character spoken of in ‘i need a HER’ from the FOOL. project. Each image is of one interesting HER.

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fka Mos


A couple years before Yasiin changed his name from Mos Def, I took this photo during his AfroPunk set. One of my favorites. I was able to capture a few that would be worthy of viewing, if only I could locate them for presentation. Perhaps one day they will resurface.

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