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A Brief Interview With Director Maggie Hadleigh-West


I went to Medgar Evers Tuesday night to see a screening of a film about a rapper. Turned out to be about Half A Mill. I honestly wasn’t expecting much but the film was pretty good. I enjoyed it. After the screening there was a Q&A. I’m not fond of panels and most discussions that follow films about black folks. We always seem to end up in the same place upset and arguing saying nothing much that could actually affect change.

I couldn’t take it and stood up and addressed the entire audience. In my brief rant I spoke about taking responsibility for one’s self and for those who are around you. Being proactive and making a concerted effort to find something you can do to affect change. Someone kept asking, “but what can we do?” I pointed at the people on the panel and shouted they’re telling you what you can do. Support them! I addressed the fact that if you truly want to do things you simply find a way to do them. I expressed that change is not always tied to a budget and it’s important to understand that there is nothing small about any effort you make toward progress. You all want to have a perfect body but don’t want to watch your diet and exercise. It ain’t finna happen. I shared how one day I thought about how simply being nice to people in the street and smiling, speaking, kind gestures are powerful because there are people walking around everyday that simply do not want to live. All in all you have to actually care about people in order to want to help people. We are far too apathetic about things that happen around us that don’t directly affect us. That has to stop. But we have to stop it. It’s either do something or pretty much shut up.

Anyway… So much more to say but I won’t. What I will say is that I support this film and I’d hope people will support it as well.

It’s very interesting what gets support when it comes to the world of Hiphop and I’m not even discussing on a mainstream level because we all already know what it is.

This film deserves that support.

Quad Cinema: Fri. April 6 – Thurs. April 12
34 West 13th Street, NYC 10011 • 212.255.8800

Indie Screen: Fri. April 13 – Sat. April 14
289 Kent Ave. Williamsburg, BK, NY 11211 • 347.227.8030

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Listening To A John Lennon Interview

I dig the Lennon beard. I’m rocking mine right now. May keep it for a while. It’s a nice disguise…

Lot of things spoken about in this interview that I vibe with.

Wolfgang’s Vault is great…

John Lennon stopped performing, writing, and recording professionally in 1975 to concentrate on raising his son, Sean. This hiatus from the music scene lasted until the summer of 1980, when he and wife Yoko Ono began writing and recording once again. This interview, conducted later in that year, took place as this comeback album, Double Fantasy, was being mixed in New York’s Hit Factory.

Due to these circumstances, Lisa Robinson focuses her questions on Lennon as a father and what it’s like to be back in the studio. But there are also more general discussions regarding his writing process and his need to express himself artistically.

We all know what happened outside his apartment building just over two months after this recording was made and, with that in mind, this interview is especially chilling. On the other hand, it’s comforting to hear how content he was, both as a musician and as an individual.

00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – Thoughts he had during his 5-year hiatus
01:02 – Why it was harder to stop than continue
01:40 – Life as a stay-at-home dad
02:25 – ‘The rewards of motherhood’
03:10 – Learning how to cook
03:52 – Relationship with his son Sean / Sean’s thoughts on making Double Fantasy
06:30 – Pressures of the music business / not resting on his laurels
07:50 – Not wanting to see Elvis in Vegas
08:28 – How he became a professional musician / alternate outlets of expression
09:08 – Disinterest in acting / thoughts on How I Won the War
10:28 – Having the ability to walk away / writing music fun again
11:14 – Misery during his separation from Yoko
11:44 – Feeling lucky to be alive
13:08 – The song-writing process / the joy of being a medium
14:12 – The joy of creation / “Nowhere Man” as an example
15:29 – John’s reaction to the criticism he received for being absent from the music scene
17:17 – Family more important than rock n’ roll

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Producer – Willie Green: Drums Or MPC?

I first heard about Willie Green via TastyKeish. I listened to some music and made arrangements to do an interview shortly after. We talked a whole lot about music, producing and general ideas with regards to what we do and what else is going on in the grand scheme. Here’s one of many clips from our first taped conversation.

Yes, we’re working on some music too… Stay tuned for Über Greens.

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