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Martin Hanson’s Momma

An old poetry friend of mine Martin Hanson sings a song about his momma. I haven’t seen him in person in years. We send poems back and forth from time to time.

My mom died three years ago, it was the day after her birthday, and I had finally gotten to send the text for her headstone to the funeral home. It is hard to put a period on the end of some sentences. ~ Martin Hanson

Momma – Little Train That Could

Everybody’s got a momma,
Each one’s different, yours and mine.
Though we think she’ll live forever
That’s not in the grand design.

You know someday Momma’s goin’
You know someday she’ll be gone
And you’ll have to do the do girl
And just simply carry on.

Ninety Two and Momma’s cookin’
Ninety Four she’s doin’ good
Down the track she keeps on chuggin’
Momma, – Little Train That Could.

Ninety Five, – is she derailing?
Boiler’s heatin’, pressure’s down
Damn, – it looks like Momma’s failin’
Hold on boys, – she’s comin’ round!

[ Repeat First Verse ]

Ninety Six, it’s quite amazing
Watching, – she keeps chuggin’ on
Momma’s gonna live forever,
She’s a miracle, she’s gone.

Momma’s gone.

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my haiku edits
liken to pruning banzai
a careful practice

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TRAP journal entry #28364-5

no stumbles in the dark
no out of tune croons
just control in an easy way…

for sunsets missed by closed lids
afraid of horizons,
deemed unreachable
by the fearing of life,…
death becomes her, shallow stares,
at [nature's] natural beauty

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She Said… Chick-Peas?

So you decide to return to doing something you haven’t done for years, for me that’s poetry. What’s the piece you do first? I only figured that out once I sat down on that tiny stool in front of my audience. The poem, “Chick-Peas” is probably one of my favorites. I enjoy the reaction from those that get it immediately as well as those that catch on after a while. It’s actually deeper than you think. For some still I must explain it, and that’s just fine, gives me a reason to engage and open up possibilities for future conversation. This video is for all you that couldn’t make it out and those that wonder what I actually look and sound like doing a piece. Enjoy.

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forget it, no matter

under bus been thrown
by best of friend

but… no scars

rejected possibility
travel with
baggage, beneath the charter

destination met.
new, wardrobe in order

i left issues behind
to dry on line
shrivel up in sun
and crumble, to dust

blowing in wind
meeting rain

water droplets
puddle then
wash the past

as they say
it’s all
water… under a structure built to span a valley, road, body of water, or other physical obstacle, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.

gracious wiki

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