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More paint… Documented…

Marthalicia, I love her. She is awesome. Great painter. Great mother. She is an example of an individual that not only believes in her art but the art of others and has a mission to create awareness about the efforts of her peers in the events and documentation she’s been doing over the last few years. Below is a snap shot of a painting I did, right before I left for Tokyo earlier this month at Crash Mansion. Martha’s intent was to document me fully for this evening but wires got crossed a bit and she followed another painter. Still she included me and my work in her most recent installment of “Art Episode Presents”.

Coral's Reef

P.S. Would you like to give this piece the perfect home? Let’s talk about it. Make me an offer. I’m reasonable.

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Half a work in progress…

I painted at Madame X last night with Jorge. I’m not done. I scanned a little less than half of the painting I worked on. What you see is the bottom portion.

Initially was having some issues, but when I really think about it I actually wasn’t. I’m constantly learning and solving equations as I work. The less I think, the better off I am.

I’m getting in the flow of live painting once again. Seems I’ve been hooked up with a spot to paint during Black August.

I’ll let you see what it looks like when it’s complete.

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Bonsai War: A crude photo of a new piece…

Someone please hook me up with an art photographer in NYC, I’m in desperate need of one. I must have slides made and want to get some limited prints of a few pieces done. I took this photo of my newest painting . I created it two weeks ago while having a painting session with my friend Knewdles. Still fetching a title, ‘Bonsai War’ came to mind yesterday and I feel it just might stick. This is acrylic on raw canvas board, with a bit of illustration sketched in with a simple fine point ink pen . There’s a lot of dimension that you can not see due to the crudeness of this photo. So much that I wasn’t going to post it, but I decided to go ahead anyway. I’ll have to confirm today but it’s likely that I will be painting live this coming Saturday. I’m getting back into the groove of it once again. You’ll be seeing more work as the summer approaches. Possibly a show in fall.

Keep your eyes open.

If you’re looking for a nice piece of art specifically for your home, office or studio please let me know. Perhaps I can conjure up a piece for you. I want to offer affordable art to those interested. I feel everyone should be able to have pieces of original art to compliment the vibration they cultivate for their personal spaces as well as spaces they make open to the public.

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Finding Space; Acrylic As Watercolor

Finding Space

Last night i did a piece during the opening of a new gallery on 36th Street between 5th & 5th Avenue named Soapstone. Great turn out. Cool event. Had some nice conversations. i enjoyed being there. i worked as i normally do when creating a piece of art in public. Minimal. A handful of colors. For the first time i carried a couple of brushes. For the most part i don’t uses brushes when i paint. i’ve been in a phase, crating these abstract pieces and i use mostly makeshift palette knives. Old fliers. Credit and metro cards. My fingers.

it’s time for me to get mind in a place to create a series of pieces. i really like the work that came to be after about to close to two hours of messing around. (Big shout to ModelCitizen for hanging out with me while i worked.) i’m going to do a show soon. The opportunities are there. They’ve always been available. i must now just take advantage.

i must say that everything is indeed connected. Have you call it the butterfly effect or syncronistic occurrences. The piece that i finished last night is hanging up in my home now until the day i relinquish it to its new owner. It is because i was asked by Michael McManus to paint live at the opening. He attended A Monthly Bondfire to support Marthalicia a mutual friend and artist. He’d seen some of my work online. I started doing bondfire in 2008 after being asked if I knew of anyone that could take over the event. Everything is connected.

It’s time for me to follow through with the visual aspect of my artist life.

PS: Thank you Chilly S. for purchasing the piece Coppertones. Figuring out when this trip to Staten Island is possible. i’ve grown rather fond of that piece. i’m sure that you will pull a lot of from it. Hold on to it.

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Eklektic < Me Visual Art Name


It’s time for me to seriously start painting again. I miss doing live art. But before I start getting back to the canvas in public, I need to work on some things at home. Actually I need to find a space. I want to work LARGE!

Moutain Lane

Moutain Lane

I sign all of my work Eklektic. Paintings and photography. I’ve been doing it for a while now. Why? Honestly, I can’t remember. Is that terrible?

Since I haven’t been painting much at all in the last year or so, I’m not sure what my work will appear as now. My last phase was very abstract and hands on. I learned more about my pieces when they were complete and I was able to touch them. Feel the textures. Enjoy the creations of color while using my sense of touch.

Eklektic Hands

Eklektic Hands

With so much music to get completed and projects that are far overdue building up, I’ve put my visual aspirations on back burners for too long. All I can say is I’m working on it. I look forward to sharing new art with people that reaches their  conscious in a different way than auditory stimulation. Ultimately, I’d like to combine both forms in some elaborate choreographed production with a handful of artists I have in mind. Until then, I will simply paint. Rebuilding my portfolio…

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