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The Villain Returns: Ikebukuro, Japan

Bronx Uber Villain, bean shoot the children
while the fiends shoot the dealins, it is not appealin
sleepin in abandoned vehicles just to meet the feeling
aim high in live sessions, just to skeet the ceiling
repeat offendin, why they keep pretendin
what each is lending to the detriment to seedling pending
probably gonna die, Why? they probably swallow flies
it’s a reality show, “Life In Columbine”…
juxtaposed i suppose with ‘life in Compton’
stay on toes, keep your head up
we’re in the mosh pit… With the sargeants and the martian
making profits offah wholesale bargains
most really don’t pimp the game right, ain’t airtight
your tupper-ware is scared, and your Pyrex has stage fright
love life… Stage dive…

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The villain lurks. A scientist at work…

<a href="">Neck On Froze by The Bronx Über Villain</a>

Consider this a relic.

One of the only pieces of audible data, salvaged from the damaged drive that once housed, “The Bronx Über Villaini” LP. This work, an integral fragment of ‘sound history’ conceived by one mysterious figure the world will soon recognize.

Neck On Froze is available exclusively on

It is not on iTunes or the most familiar digital channels for purchase. The “Über Villain” will receive all proceeds for his product directly, so that he may continue his projects of science and make available his findings in the most timely and efficient means.

Science is expensive…

Invest in the science of sound today. Participate in shaping a future filled with innovation that you, have vested interest in. (Be the programmer not the programmed… – Douglas Rushkoff)

The “People’s Villain” is engineering new works as you read this.

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Is it #MusicMonday or MondayMusic?: Ain Smooth

In early 2009 I debuted the character of one ‘Bronx Über Villain’. In less than two months this alter ego of mine pretty much took over. For any person meeting me for the first time,  I was and still am the Bronx Über Villain if they were introduced to me while I adorned the attire of black hoodie, dark aviator shades and silver watch.

The tale of the Bronx Über Villain I will not go deep into today, I will only say that there is much work still to be done with said character. He continues to be the host of my monthly event Bondfire and there are pieces of an album sitting in limbo on a drive I neglectfully damaged (that’ll teach me to sit on material much longer than I should.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Lokey Catches The Villain


First Donovan Kasp captures the Villain, now Lokey. What’s going on ? Lokey is a pretty awesome photographer. He walks around strapped with tons of equipment, prepared for most every situation he may face. A cool personable dude that is obviously very brave indeed, getting that close to snap a flick of the, ‘Villain’. Big shouts to Lokey and all those folks out and about documenting these easily forgotten life moments.

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The Bronx Über Villain Has Launched A Blog?


Yes it’s true, the infamous Bronx Über Villain has launched, a site dedicated to chronicling his various exploits and misdeeds. No doubt what he posts should be interesting at least.

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