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Trap Shut


I worked on an album called TRAP for a number of years. I had plans of completing it but some time last year I decided I would not. Life said scrap it. This was the first scratch idea I produced for the last track on that album. I had some grand ideas about how this would ultimately sound. I doubt it will ever happen. But anything is possible.

What will happen is I’ll be releasing another album in 2013 entitled Post TRAP E.R.A. Stay tuned for that one…

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Watch pendulums. Don’t let’em suck you in. Remain focused. Live in the present. Concentrate on ‘not’ concentrating…

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The track list for ‘Trap’ in no particular order.

I’ve finally written down the song titles for my forthcoming release ‘Trap’…

Here goes…

[K]niggah Part Duex
Event Horizon
Rigor mortis [Closed Casket]
[K]niggah Please [With A Silent K]
Poem [Untrappable]

This is not the order as they will appear on record…

The title track single to be released in June. The full album, we shall see. It’s all coming together. I will not disappoint. My most personal offering since I began sharing music and art. I am excited to share this album. I look forward to seeing the affect of this project on listeners and the many conversations to be had after this project is released.

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Cusp riding is no fun. Can it be the Libra and Scorpio battling within me?i’ve never delved into that being a possibility. i can’t honestly say that i feel crazy because i don’t know what that is.

i want runners high…
i will get to that place…

march 7th 7:25pm monday 2010

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How much more harsh can a stare be? You look @ me like i’m the one that made the levees break…

Putting together the proper words to articulate what ‘Trap’ really means is difficult, so i will only attempt in small doses… Small steps will get you to your destination ultimately…

To wake up confused is not a new sensation to me in the least. But I must go with it. Work through it. It’s like rust that can be steel-wooled or hardened snow which can be removed from windshield…

I guess there are chemtrails… looks as if the clouds have assimilated to the style… Simply wanting to be ‘in’… Fortune has it that i am not those clouds or crowds… but none the less, still have self work to do…

February 1st Monday 2010


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