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The #BEAMteam

Proof for me that a video opens up possibilities of a more involved experience with certain musical offerings, I appreciate this song a whole lot more than I did upon hearing it the first time now after seeing this wonderfully put together moving picture.

The kids are awesome. There are so many things going on visually that totally complement many of Lupe’s not son obvious metaphors. I hope you enjoy this. It inspired me this morning…

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Eklektic Aught: an Artist’s Statement

High Art

At least once a week I speak to someone that says to me, “I didn’t know you did art. I mean, painting and stuff”. Obviously this must change. If you look at the navigation above, there now is a tab labeled ‘visual aught’. You can do a lot when you have a domain hosted on a server, like create sub-domains. Click on ‘visual aught’ and you will be redirected to I’m working on uploading as much of my work as possible and will be making  prints and  original pieces (maybe even custom ones) available for purchase. Also look for my photog for hire rates.

I hope you enjoy the ‘aught’. Read my artist statement here.

P.S. I have an “Eklektic Aught” Facebook page. You can “Like” it here.

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More paint… Documented…

Marthalicia, I love her. She is awesome. Great painter. Great mother. She is an example of an individual that not only believes in her art but the art of others and has a mission to create awareness about the efforts of her peers in the events and documentation she’s been doing over the last few years. Below is a snap shot of a painting I did, right before I left for Tokyo earlier this month at Crash Mansion. Martha’s intent was to document me fully for this evening but wires got crossed a bit and she followed another painter. Still she included me and my work in her most recent installment of “Art Episode Presents”.

Coral's Reef

P.S. Would you like to give this piece the perfect home? Let’s talk about it. Make me an offer. I’m reasonable.

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AfroPunk: Mos Def Set On the Way!

I know I mentioned it a while ago. But it’s coming. Be patient.

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