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Sometimes, awesome people send me awesome things from awesome places…

The beautiful people I know on and offline never cease to amaze me with their wonderful gestures of love, support and consideration. I’m truly grateful for the attention I get and sometimes it’s honestly, enough to make a grown man tear up. Kind actions exercised by individuals sans intentions of getting something in return, refuel my faith in people. The photos below, capture me wearing an awesome “KIKS TYO” shirt sent to me way of Rotterdam by a young lady who goes by the name “thethingsilove” on Twitter.

I wore the shirt last Friday night and I really like it. It’s a color I wouldn’t normally buy for myself honestly. But it works. I even received a few complements. Change is good. Funny thing is, this wasn’t the original shirt thethingsilove intended for me to have. A few weeks previous to me receiving my package, she sent me a limited edition shirt. It never arrived. Needless to say, we were both upset. She optimistically tried again and this time I got it, along with a beautiful card and a number of stickers. (A few of them are Gorilli stickers). Gorilla is a great store in Rotterdam, Netherlands that carries all sorts of cool gear and gadget’s.  (I’m not sponsored by Gorilla, though I have to say I’d love for that to be a possibility, especially seeing as in I’ll be going to Japan in November to perform at a music festival and a special art/music event. I need some cool gear to travel and perform in. *wink wink…)

I really want to say thank you again thethingsilove for your kind gesture. It was so very thoughtful. I look forward to linking up with you soon. Know that you have my support in everything you have going on and those special things you got waiting to release in the future.

In closing, I want to say that since there are a number of people that have contributed greatly with their unrivaled support and have also found interesting ways to encourage me and share love, I’m going to create a section on this site called, “Awesome Folks”. Every post will highlight one awesome person and the reason why they are so.

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