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iWeapons by iAreDeadmau5

Entertain the detainees,
explain it in plain E
soul strange like Tim B
whole game is empty
it’s fruitless to tempt me
eve is a simply pawn
pandora’s box is a bomb
the bomb, boombox transform
boombap on my arm
ain’t rappin for charms
just chattin with charm
charmed, bewitched
the fix, tossed in wrench
a pinch, a tad a bit
some sand, some grit
glue, sticks and spit
slow moves in the pit
code blue its the rip
my point of view is sick
like cemetery love
with or without the glove
handy man, movin grams
in a tool kit…
measuring tape,
measuring fate
no machine to measure the quake
shakes, fear
objects in reflection
closer then hear
closer than near
right over there
moves too fast to catch’em
don’t wanna be used as weapons

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