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Bon Iver’s “Team” Instrumental With Narration By Mon-tag

Was on the train a while back came in the house and recorded this in one take… I want to record it seriously but need to produce a track for the words I wrote.

This is real rough raw. No special vocal effects and what have you. My naked voice for the most part. The vocals are slightly wet. This is right after coming home getting off the train. Imagine what this will sound like when I sing it, sing it in studio with a great engineer…

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The Other Day by Mon-tag

I never know when the inspiration to create will come. Sunday morning it came not long after the sun rose. I wrote the song that follows as the character Mon-tag. I introduced him to you previously. “The Other Day” is what I call a story. The term song will not much exist in the delivery of a number of pieces by Mon-tag. This story is about a father processing the death of his young daughter. I spoke online with a friend about it yesterday via post on Mon-tag’s Tumblr.

I’ve made this audio available for downloading and streaming.  It is free with an option to make a contribution if you so choose ( users can find it here.) The production of  ‘free’ music is in fact not free. If you so enjoy this piece and decide to download it and make it part of your playlist, I implore you to drop some coin. Those coins will go toward producing a full project. One that will be available in both digital and physical format. In the least if you do enjoy this I’d ask that you share your thoughts on Soundcloud or beneath this post even. Please share this story with anyone you feel will be moved by it.

Twitter folks can follow Mon-tag here:

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