“Do you want an official project from me?”

I’d love to know. Albums take time and money to create. Especially if you want a great one.  At the end of the day if I record an official record it’s not for me to listen to. It’s for you reading or anyone else that’s interested to hear and enjoy. Often artists say I do this for me. To an extent I do as well but ultimately creating music is for me to share with you. That is what’s real.

So the question is, “Do you want a full project from me?” Will you buy an album or a single? Will you purchase a creative box set with more than a plastic cd? Will you attend the shows and events that support said record? Most importantly will you spread the word about my music? My art…

I think about a lot. I love the feedback I get from individuals in private spaces. But I often wonder how powerful my creations are when only a small portion of all this love in secret I receive is shared outside of the personal space. Many thoughts go into all that I do. Sometimes I even over think what I release to the world only for the fact that I am very aware of the power of my words. I care about what I put out and how it is received. My attempt to be a responsible being in the midst of keeping the lowest carbon print I possibly can.

Anyway, I’m asking because at the end of the day, your input is important to me. I’ve considered conversations with a couple of labels. Some people that like my music have suggested I do a Kickstarter. I don’t think that’s for me. Perhaps a pre-order situation. You pay only for what it costs to get a record in your hand.  I don’t want to make what I choose to create even if it is for you to be about you having to support the entire process of me getting it to you. That’s not your job. The only responsibility I think you really have as a fan, supporter or whatever label you choose for yourself is to be honest. To share what means something to you. And purchase it when it becomes available. I don’t know about other artists but I do look at stats. I see what’s listened to and what’s downloaded. What is then shared and what spreads.

My random rambling for today. If you made it through this, bless you very much. Be a proactive listener. I don’t beg people to buy any of my work. I ask you to share it. I benefit more from you sharing with others than for the sale of one album or one single. Keep that in mind not only for me but for every single artist, writer, producer, teacher or whomever you find interest in. SHARE SHARE SHARE. THERE’S POWER IN SHARING. I can’t do this alone. No one that is successful in life can. If they say so they’re lying.

Believe In You. I do.

PS. If you do want a record. What kind of record do you want? Do you want a rap album? Do you want me to sing? I’m listening.

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  1. #1 by isis on May 10, 2012 - 5:11 pm

    i want a project from u!… but i can’t tell you what kind of record it should be, except that it should be you – whatever you are feeling/experiencing in the time that you pull it together AND because u are a philosopher, i’d expect it to have a theme or unifying meme.

    so, um… will ur project come out before mine? lol

    looking forward to hearing it…

    • #2 by iAreConscious on May 29, 2012 - 12:28 am

      That’s quite a response, thank you for it. I just happened to see it only because I was checking my trash. This spam protector works too well. Nice seeing you the other day. I want to borrow your band! Seriously though I do have a song I’d like to see how we’d sound together on.

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