August is 4 Aught….

I had to pull it back. Was thinking about how easily you can get ‘trapped’ in this ‘virtual’ space. Art needs to happen in person. I’m getting ready to be in the street often, like I should have been 2-3 years ago. I need to show my face and converse with people again. I’m net savvy but my strength stems from organic communication up close and personal. My influence in positioning art in areas to be scene, whether it be wheat posted pieces or live painting at a gallery. It’s time for me to show and prove more of what I’ve been holding on to. (I encourage any of you reading this and holding back for whatever reason to do the same.) Time for me to be more visual. To be more focused on sharing what I create. See you in the streets.
If you wanna put some currency energy toward ?#?theconsciosuness? feel free. $1 or $10,000 no amount is too small or too large. Energy is energy and it’s all appreciated.
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