They say, “Conscious when are you gonna release a project? Why don’t you do this, do that?” I say… “Leave me alone. ”

October 1st I’m releasing something interesting. Probably not so comfortable for people looking for an LP full of songs with choruses and verses filled with not much heart.  This is a project meant for certain ears and I realize it. I hope you listen and  it either makes you uncomfortable or you’re totally engaged with the material. If neither of those happens then well… I just hope one of the two does.

You’re gonna have to take a leap of faith folks. Only releasing one of the tracks to be heard. Way back when all you got were the singles. And there are no ‘singles’ on this record. Unless you went to the store and stood up and listened to the entire album, you didn’t hear the entire album. There’s art and lyrics with each ‘song. there will be video packed with you download. Look I have an extra 300mb of space to give you a very interesting experience that should travel with you from your comp to your phones to possibly your hi-fi system. j/k.

Follow the link: http://bit.ly/ajunkempt

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