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Blackberry Series: Installment III

This is probably the least creepy looking one of this series of random photos I took today. Self portraits have been a challenge for me in the past. So I made an attempt at being creative whilst sacrificing my arm for a number of shots that required me reaching under, up and around shoe racks. Luckily, I sustained no lasting scars about my wrist and forearm during this ‘mission’ possible.

The following photo in the phone looked amazing. (I’ll have to admit I took two shots. Two things about this series. 1. No cropping or modification allowed. The whole point of this series is to capture and post images sans doctoring, directly to the site. 2. No multiple shots taken to get, that ‘perfect’ shot. it’s just one take like Ed Wood and we’re outta there…)

I took two… :(

You’re being watched.

So that’s it for now. Perhaps I’ll send you subscribers the more creepy ‘lurker’ shots just because well, you’re subscribers. Membership has it’s privileges. (Like weird photos of me?)

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Back from D.C.

I still have yet to collect my thoughts properly in order to really express my feelings about the previous weekend. I shall soon…

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