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Common Live At Fort Greene Festival

I have this pretty elaborate posting I wanted to do about Common and the changes of his music and how quite frankly I’ve pretty much stopped checking for’em but regardless of the fact I will never miss an opportunity to see him perform. He has never failed to impress me with a live performance.

Don’t have the time to write it. But I wanted to share a photo with you that I took during Fort Green Festival Saturday.

I also have something I’d like to talk about with regards to the being an emcee that sings, as I got a brilliant answer to a question concerning it from K-Os recently during an interview at AfroPunk. I have some great photos of him as well during his set.

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Blackberry Series: Installment III

This is probably the least creepy looking one of this series of random photos I took today. Self portraits have been a challenge for me in the past. So I made an attempt at being creative whilst sacrificing my arm for a number of shots that required me reaching under, up and around shoe racks. Luckily, I sustained no lasting scars about my wrist and forearm during this ‘mission’ possible.

The following photo in the phone looked amazing. (I’ll have to admit I took two shots. Two things about this series. 1. No cropping or modification allowed. The whole point of this series is to capture and post images sans doctoring, directly to the site. 2. No multiple shots taken to get, that ‘perfect’ shot. it’s just one take like Ed Wood and we’re outta there…)

I took two… :(

You’re being watched.

So that’s it for now. Perhaps I’ll send you subscribers the more creepy ‘lurker’ shots just because well, you’re subscribers. Membership has it’s privileges. (Like weird photos of me?)

Previous BB Series Posts:

BB Series Introduction
BB Series Part Duex

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Introducing, The Blackberry Series…

With my art there’s always different phases for me. I’m learning, growing and understanding my own creations. There are times when I get stuck with a certain idea and it overtakes the possibilities of whatever else could be. Overtime I’ve learned to be flexible, rigidness can impede the maturation process of an artist. So can fear. So without fear and with freedom to explore what can be done using today’s modern technologies, I present to you, ‘The Blackberry Series’.

The ‘Blackberry Series’ is a new section of I’ll be sharing images directly from my Blackberry Storm as part of a personal exercise which involves learning to just let be. I’ll be posting unphoto-shopped images. No crops, color adjustments or doctoring of any fashion (*only resizing to properly fit this site’s post column). NO PHOTO MINIPULATION. You see exactly what I saw and captured.

There’s something I’d like your help with. ‘Captions!’.

Please send me captions for the images I post from this series. Funny, clever, introspective, whatever come to your minds. I’ll compile them and post them with your name and link to credit you for your contribution.

Here are the first two photos taken in Parkslope on Saturday April 23rd.

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New Photo: Wines & Liquors

Wines & Liquors : The Blackberry Series

I couldn’t really tell you how many photos I’ve taken in the last five years. What I can tell you is that I have a tremendous amount of work to do that will take more time than I’d rather think about to archive the moments I’ve captured in from the past. I have spindles full of cdrs containing photos I haven’t seen in years. At some point they will see the light of day. I will share them with you if you care to look upon them. For now I post a picture, not from those spindles but from a Blackberry. I dumped it from the phone with about one hundred other photos that need to be tagged. This one is sorta special. I look forward to seeing what you get from it. It’s slightly modified from the actual. I ran it quickly through Photoshop 7. Yep the old one (works great in comps with low power). I generally do not mess with the photos I take. They just are.

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No Fear. No Worries. No Doubt.

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