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Red Eyes – I Feel Like Crying


The ‘Trap’ is on it’s way. Playing around with this Flying Lotus track. He remixed a few Lil Wanye songs. Prefix Magazine made a zip of two of them with the instrumentals available for free download on their site. I Feel Like Dying & Robo Tussin. (Download Link) I recorded a teaser for this forthcoming ‘Trap’ project. Honestly it actually will not be on the album… Just felt like doing something.

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I fell in love overnight, over flight, like red eyes
disguised as a swimmer steppin out of a pool
apply pressure to wound, golden rule of thumb
always keep guns clean, chewing gum for clean gums
clean teeth, please no beef, cuz I’m a vegan for the weekend
the wack juice is leaking on the rug
nother sound man dead him leaking on the rug
speaking of the gloves Micheal used to use
you are now listening to the user of the muse
the abuser of the tool, i poke her face, right…
I am not amused…
misogyny is prevalent, I am not a fool
you are not alone, the speakers listens too, yep…
that’s what the speaker listens through
i was told by a Shalli from the north,
we do not create in a vacuum
Eureka! that’s how mainstream acts pilfer indie artists tunes
stealing real music is like stealing from a tomb

If you don’t know about Flying Lotus I suggest you learn.  He’s a tremendously talented artist that deserves any recognition he gets.

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Producer – Willie Green: Drums Or MPC?

I first heard about Willie Green via TastyKeish. I listened to some music and made arrangements to do an interview shortly after. We talked a whole lot about music, producing and general ideas with regards to what we do and what else is going on in the grand scheme. Here’s one of many clips from our first taped conversation.

Yes, we’re working on some music too… Stay tuned for Über Greens.

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Conscious Conversations: MC ~Kswift

~KSwift is in my honest opinion one of the best emcees in New York City. As a dedicated member of the Zulu nation he travels the globe representing Hiphop in it’s purest form. A host of WBAI 99.5 FM’s prime time Friday night radio show “Rise Up Radio” that focuses on activism, social justice and independent music; he’s also a youth organizer, teaching artist and mentor.


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Conscious Conversations: Mercury The Maroon

Honestly, I don’t remember when I met Mercury for the first time. I do remember though, on the day we met having a very meaningful conversation. We see eye to eye on many things. Mercury is a very talented emcee/producer. I have an incredible amount of respect for him and recognize his vision. I hope that by introducing him to my audience he will be well received and his work be followed and shared…


Mercury Links: – Q&A with Mercury The Maroon

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