I didn’t know that #februaryfast was a thing.

I randomly added #februaryfast to a tweet to switch it up from the #fastingforfreedom I began using in 2017. Normally I’d search a hashtag before I use it to see if anyone already has. In this case I’ve decided to just roll with it. Since it’s already popular perhaps more people will actually see what I’m posting and I can engage with others too who are fasting. The hashtag seems to be mostly used in relation to a church event. With that said, my fast is not one of a religious nature, though some would consider me one who fasts religiously. Over the course of the next twenty-eight days I’ll be diving in again.

Fasting is defined as a period of time in which one abstains from food, drink or both. Most commonly done within a religious context. In my case it’s about a re-calibration of mind, body and spirit. A new contract with self. To increase discipline, strength and will power. To build a better relationship with my body. To assess internal issues. To mend and heal. To chart a path to better health and peace of mind.  Self work essentially.

Abstaining from foods and drinks is not all that’s involved for me. Not eating or drinking some things over time is cute but you can actually get use to it. Abstaining from other things like sex, smoking, drinking, television, social media etc, increase the power of your fast. For even more depth and life altering results though there is still more one can do. For me introspection is a big part of this process for refinement in pursuit of self mastery. Daily moments going within contemplating life past, present and future comes into play. Stepping outside of my self. Reviewing past experiences with an objective eye. Connecting the dots on reoccurring themes I need to address as well as recognizing growth and my many accomplishments. During a fast I set the tone and program my attitude for future endeavors. I tune up for manifesting things to come.

I share my experiences throughout my fasts to in some ways demystify it. Like many things, fear and ignorance too often keep people away from much that may actually help them. Mind you, you don’t have to do a thing to actually learn from it.


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