Gratitude Works.

When I was a kid if you gave me a pair of socks I was thrilled and appreciated it. Some may even remarked I was overly appreciative. I don’t believe that’s even possible. Gratitude has always been major in my life. No one specifically taught me to be grateful in that way. Only through life experience did I come to fully overstand the significance of gratitude in the life equation. A big part of manifestation is channeled through the feeling that comes with gratitude. A raise in vibration makes you more magnetic for attraction. I know that when I’m grateful, I am thinking about great things and visualizing abundance. A shift of focus from the default for many of us. Thoughts of lack and everything being terrible. That’s false. Things can be terrible in many cases for some people, but everything is not. We must be mindful of what we focus on. To go to sleep with thoughts of gratitude and to wake up with the thought of I’m grateful for this day I’m going to embark on, are essential if you indeed plan on crafting a life full of what you want. But before you go fabricating this master of list of requests to the Universe, God, Source or whatever you choose to call it, be sure you recount all that you have in the present moment to be grateful for. Be present and acknowledge what that feels like. Examine how it changes your mood. It’s a great tool. Use it often. Master it.



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