The Office?

In retrospect I can clearly and honestly say, the street has been my office since about 2000. Nearly a quarter century of being in the city of New York communicating with human beings. Providing a ‘safe space’ for people before it became a mainstream thing to say. Before I had actual spaces within my control to do it. 

I’ve been pulling back from the mural of life to examine mine quite a bit. The ten of swords ⚔️ I chose yesterday epitomizes nearly the entire year of 2023 for me. Ten swords in my back, laying in the fetal position, letting that blood out. Big purge. Lots of healing. Letting go to let more and better in. 

Metamorphosis doesn’t happen overnight. A year drags along as you delve into deep challenging self-work, but somehow speeds by in the blink of an eye. The faster, stronger version of C. Will continue to hold office in the street. This office though will continue to expand its reach. 

The people’s artist takes meetings. I’ll pencil you in, just reach out.

– C.

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The Star

Today’s card was the Star.

Some days I pull one or more cards to focus on for the day.

When I say tarot is perfect for personal development I mean it.

It’s a great way to grow by taking whichever card you select and giving you a place of focus.

You can journal about your life.

You may pull a card that says let’s say, get nostalgic. Think about some great moment from your childhood or think about what joyful things you can do to maintain a youthful sprit.

All in all it’s a great mirror into your inner world and can challenge you to deal with deeper things that are causing issues in your external world.

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Being a mirror…

Thinking about numerous times in my life where I deescalated situations with a person that was mentally not well.

Just recently I was speaking to a woman who I met for the first time who initially was all friends and biggin’ me up till we crossed a point in conversation she had pain points from. She started to come in really hot and she was incapable of letting me finish a sentence. It’s wild when you’re not even finished a sentence to present a vantage but don’t reach it. Understanding what I’m engaging in the moment I don’t take it personal. Sometimes people are more willing to let you finish once they know you better but that’s a terrible way to be… That’s why we can’t evolve together.

People aren’t arguing with you. They’re fighting their internal battles and you’re the mirror.

Remember this if you care to communicate better and have better relations. Alas, you’d have to actually be something of a humanist for this to even be your way.

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