The Star

Today’s card was the Star.

Some days I pull one or more cards to focus on for the day.

When I say tarot is perfect for personal development I mean it.

It’s a great way to grow by taking whichever card you select and giving you a place of focus.

You can journal about your life.

You may pull a card that says let’s say, get nostalgic. Think about some great moment from your childhood or think about what joyful things you can do to maintain a youthful sprit.

All in all it’s a great mirror into your inner world and can challenge you to deal with deeper things that are causing issues in your external world.

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The Office?

In retrospect I can clearly and honestly say, the street has been my office since about 2000. Nearly a quarter century of being in the city of New York communicating with human beings. Providing a ‘safe space’ for people before it became a mainstream thing to say. Before I had actual spaces within my control to do it. 

I’ve been pulling back from the mural of life to examine mine quite a bit. The ten of swords ⚔️ I chose yesterday epitomizes nearly the entire year of 2023 for me. Ten swords in my back, laying in the fetal position, letting that blood out. Big purge. Lots of healing. Letting go to let more and better in. 

Metamorphosis doesn’t happen overnight. A year drags along as you delve into deep challenging self-work, but somehow speeds by in the blink of an eye. The faster, stronger version of C. Will continue to hold office in the street. This office though will continue to expand its reach. 

The people’s artist takes meetings. I’ll pencil you in, just reach out.

– C.

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Self Work Is A Daily Effort.

At a stage in this inner work where a tremendous amount of stuff resurfaces to purge. It’s like getting the last bits of sand out of your toes. Processing that misery is ugh.

Doing a lot of internal work so I can be fresh and get back to public speaking and ready myself for this 45 year reset.

Ultimately, I will write about the last 12 months+ of life.

I’ve seen so much and I’ve only just begun.

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Pocket watches watched us.
The whole world clocked us.

Like sprinters in winter, we runnin’ outta breath.
What’s left when your dignity is washed down the faucet?
Eventually the bought us. Brought us to, the faded end of the margin.
Us words they treated we like Martians.
A fueled rebellion.
William tell them the answer to the riddle.
Silence in the thinking chamber.
Astral plane, seemingly insane, but there is no danger.
I disappeared for a moment in plain sight.
Mental mechanic playing games with life.
Device unmeasured.
Adulterous pleasures.
There are no levers to vote with; hands cut off.
The ones you used to use to praise the Most with.
The ones you used to toast with if you even had an occasion to do so.
Eyes wide, like a child’s open upon seeing a new snow.
A new revolt came like a jolt in the rain.
And Ben’s kite. Well, it never was electrocuted.

Executed wordplay, Zombie Day we all stand in attention by the grave of us.
Be modern days slaves til we awake and break up out this maze.
Today’s the day. Today’s the bloody day!

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Call Me Now!!!

Everyone is doing readings now. Never heard a word about it or anything remotely close to it from some people. Pressed for cash gotta make that money fast. People paying the suddenly spiritual empaths use no discernment. Welp. What a life.

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I’m not homeless. That man isn’t a terrorist.

One time I was on the train and I had a coat with a tear on it. I was sitting in a two seater right of the door. Can’t remember which train. Dude across from me offers me some food, assumes I’m homeless. People are ignorant and assume a lot. Like this one drunken guy shortly after 9/11 on the D train yelling and threatening this man who obviously was Pakistani. Brief chat with the man verbally assaulted afterward to confirm and acknowledge him and the unfortunate b******* he experienced.

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Mercury In Retrograde Is Wonderful!

You’ll do yourself a whole lot of good if you cease being so surface when it comes to retrogrades.

You’re doing your self a disservice by regurgitating this, ‘things are going to be all bad during this time’ talk. You give more energy to this with every basic ass meme you share.

You, your mamma and you cousins might just be conjuring Egregore1 and Egregore 2 sans the assistance of the Cat In the Hat.

You realize there’s always a spectrum right? Nothing is black and white.

You’re ignoring the work you should be doing during these retrogrades.

Perhaps if you did all of the work related, when retrogrades roll around things won’t be so terrible.

Perhaps you have talked yourself into a state saying ad nauseum; RETROGRADE BAD!!!

Another example of you creating adverse life circumstance through a belief you cultivated, most likely through ignorance about the actual full spectrum of the situation.

End of the day if you are not studying and practicing you are just going to fall victim to your own words and your mind.

Stop saying FML. Like why would you every utter that stupid shit to begin with?

– C. the Magickian

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“How does the Law of Attraction work for people who have been disenfranchised?”

It’s relative to your system of belief and overall understanding of other interconnected ‘universal’ laws. The problem with books like The Secret that’s targeted at the desperate and the hopeful (reminds me of some churches and cults) is it leaves out much and when it doesn’t work people retort how it’s bullshit. Imagine expecting a toy to work sans batteries and calling the toy bullshit. If people go deeper within and challenge their unfounded beliefs it and many other concepts come alive in a wildly different manner.

It took me over twenty years to incorporate tarot in my practices. I had to be cleansed of any ignorance and have a range of experiences that placed me into a better over-standing of it. A studied and knowledgable one. As there are no coincidences, one cannot come to said conclusion without outright having a knowing or through a process of unravelling many ‘mysteries’ or alas basic study and cross referencing in studies. We do not have a lot of language for much that is unseen and is not agreed upon by a mainstream of science, religion and philosophy. Even the bible says study for yourself. To use an overused term that we all are too familiar with – a lot of consensus is ‘toxic’.

The average person is connected to whichever constructs they inherited from family, or friend and work circles. Much love to those who destroy the constructs that keep them from evolving and being empowered from within.

There comes a point where you have to figure out the best course of action to pursue a different path and face possible ridicule for doing so. If you learn that everything need not be said and that you have nothing prove you can do so much whilst growing and affecting people with alternative measures to navigate this experience.

Lastly, the constructs we battle in the current moment are new, they didn’t exist before The Law of Attraction. Gravity nor Trauma care about the form you incarnate in. Hermes Trismegistus been spittin’ that fly shit for a long time. Ultimately, if you can’t fathom something you have to ask yourself why exactly you can’t. Is it based on you knowing something that disproves it? Before we even take a stance on anything outside of our core belief system we need to be able to actually challenge what we believe. Can’t switch modality without it. Can’t benefit from alternative views either. Or at least being capable to be open to new concepts and delve into them with basic curiosity.

Oh what an experience my life has become not being oppressed by constructs, introspection, study and application.

Next TedTalk, “Demystifying The Occult: Subconscious Trickery.”

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And the magick begins, again.

An incredible year. One where I experienced mostly heaven and fluctuations of hell. Many things in the grey to pay attention to for those things you ignore will only revisit you until they do not. Theme of the year, pay attention. Recognize your patterns that keep you from graduating to the next level in your life. Be willing to face to the challenges for it is within them your next level of being arrives. You will not access all that is accessible to you if you aren’t capable of facing your past and all of the business you do not want to unearth. It doesn’t have to be all hell either. What’s in your tool belt for the job?

– C. The Magickian

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Steve Lacy, definitely not an industry plant. You just don’t know shit.

Some woman tweeted Steve Lacy was an industry plant. That he came out of nowhere.

No, you just weren’t aware.

Reminds me of so many things I do that people aren’t aware of like running a radio station for ten years. (And I’m not famous of course)

When people you know don’t know you, sometimes it’s not worth knowing them.

It’s not even about being upset. It’s a waste of time. Just keep it moving.

Also, be a person that knows things about the people you call friends.

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