forget it, no matter

under bus been thrown
by best of friend

but… no scars

rejected possibility
travel with
baggage, beneath the charter

destination met.
new, wardrobe in order

i left issues behind
to dry on line
shrivel up in sun
and crumble, to dust

blowing in wind
meeting rain

water droplets
puddle then
wash the past

as they say
it’s all
water… under a structure built to span a valley, road, body of water, or other physical obstacle, for the purpose of providing passage over the obstacle.

gracious wiki

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a poem named ‘dis-comfort’…

things were fuzzy…

a bit floaty,

she asked a ?

i fell ten notches…

i sorta answered.
– silence

…climbed back up 5

getting warm again,
till she interrupted…


dropped down 7even
heaven out of sight
clouds raining up

a broken conversation…

porcelain cracked,
destroyed the good china

now we eat off of paper plates

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Write A ‘Thank You’ Letter…

I’m writing thank you letters today. Why? Well for a few reasons, all of which are interconnected. There’s but so much I can get accomplished in a day if my mind is running in a million and one directions. Think of it as the notorious Windows operating system. If you check the processes running in the background along with programs you have open, add to that malicious software that may have crept past your trusty firewall, oftentimes you end up with a slow and stagnant working environment. Once you’ve purged those threats to your hard drive and have done a little maintenance to optimize your pc’s performance, you’re ready to get back up to speed and knock out any tasks that need to be handled. Writing thank you letters for me sort of works the same way.

It’s rather easy to be detoured from your path and focus by situations in life that snowball from what was once something simple that could have easily been resolved, but left to marinate it somehow mushroomed into a tangible tension. If we take our focus away from these issues and redirect our attention towards being grateful and step outside ourselves to praise others, we gradually remove the tension. We change our vibration. By writing notes to friends, family and whomever we share a positive energy to brighten the day for another individual.

So as an exercise today, I am writing thank you letters to everyone that comes to mind. The actual thought and preparation for this has already adjusted my temperament and has given me a nice feeling to begin my day with. The anxiety and stress I felt upon waking has almost magically vanished.

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