I’ll keep it as simple as the catch phrase I appropriated and remixed. “Scared money don’t make fund$”.

I’m an adult (re)learning about my finances. Fortunately for me I never dived too deeply into the well of debt and that’s not because I was ‘privileged’ and inherited a wealth of financial knowledge or opportunity. Mostly everything I’ve learned over the years about banking to credit and doing taxes I pretty much taught myself. Problem is, I like so many others have held on to much subconscious data that had been blocking me from a wide open lane of prosperity. These days as I continue to deconstruct these obstacles that once prevented me from taking advantage of potential come ups, I share my findings of study and experience with all seeking a new approach to money. I invite you to join me on my personal journey, hoping that what I share aides you during your own. #HoodMarket101

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