The Office?

In retrospect I can clearly and honestly say, the street has been my office since about 2000. Nearly a quarter century of being in the city of New York communicating with human beings. Providing a ‘safe space’ for people before it became a mainstream thing to say. Before I had actual spaces within my control to do it. 

I’ve been pulling back from the mural of life to examine mine quite a bit. The ten of swords ⚔️ I chose yesterday epitomizes nearly the entire year of 2023 for me. Ten swords in my back, laying in the fetal position, letting that blood out. Big purge. Lots of healing. Letting go to let more and better in. 

Metamorphosis doesn’t happen overnight. A year drags along as you delve into deep challenging self-work, but somehow speeds by in the blink of an eye. The faster, stronger version of C. Will continue to hold office in the street. This office though will continue to expand its reach. 

The people’s artist takes meetings. I’ll pencil you in, just reach out.

– C.

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I’m not homeless. That man isn’t a terrorist.

One time I was on the train and I had a coat with a tear on it. I was sitting in a two seater right of the door. Can’t remember which train. Dude across from me offers me some food, assumes I’m homeless. People are ignorant and assume a lot. Like this one drunken guy shortly after 9/11 on the D train yelling and threatening this man who obviously was Pakistani. Brief chat with the man verbally assaulted afterward to confirm and acknowledge him and the unfortunate b******* he experienced.

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Spirits In Bodies from FOOL. Video

Spirits In Bodies from #FOOL. SHARE this video whether you like it or not. LIKE this video even if you don’t. Leave a comment. #FOOLSareSMART

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In unkempt fashion once again I present to you an audio collage of journaling in time release format. Thoughts, ideas and abstract concepts streaming more of subconscious than consciousness. FOOL. is an ongoing project of mixed media. Songs, humor sketches, poems, video and fill in the ______. Once you’ve opted in for said experience by clicking download and entering your email address, you will be updated whenever new material is added to this open ended project. Oh yes, this is definitely gonna be uncomfortable and feel good at the same time. A leap into another process of pure art delivery. #FOOLSareSMART #unkemptsummer.

This project is absolutely free, aside for your email of course. But if you’d like to give me a tip to contribute to more art creation at a quality level, please feel free to drop some coin.


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